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As the months go by, the time of Fifa 18 , the new chapter of the famous EA Sportsfootball label, is getting closer and closer We have therefore decided to make this article regularly updated with all the news, rumors and various rumors circulating on the net.

FIFA 18 Here is the teaser trailer.

For some years now, Electronic Arts follows a very precise scheme in revealing information about the new Fifa chapters and this year too will be the same:

  • It always starts with the release of a short trailer in the early weeks of June with very few images in the game, which also shows the release date .
  • A few days later, during the E3, or more recently during the EA Play conference organized by the same Canadian house software, new gameplay features and some of the new modes (such as "The Trip" in Fifa 17)
  • At the Gamescom  of Cologne , at the end of August, there is a real presentation of the game where all the details are provided: from Fifa Ultimate Team's novelties to those of the coach career to the issues of official licenses .

This year, however, surprisingly, a new event was organized: on August 1st in Chicago, in the United States, the new Astuce FIFA 18 Ultimate Team will be unveiled Anticipating in fact some of the content that they usually reveal during the Cologne event.

Let's go through the various stages of approaching Fifa18 exit:

The official announcement of FIFA 18 release  was on Monday, July 5, when the reveal trailer was released and two important details have been released: the release date and the new "cover man"




FIFA 18: TO be Released on September 29

Obviously one of the frequently asked questions is "When does FIFA 18 come out ?"  . Finally after months of hypothesis we can give a precise answer!

FIFA 18 will be available from Friday 29 September  and it is already possible to book directly on EA Sports!

Users who will make the pre-order of the "Deluxe" and "Super Deluxe" versions, now renamed "Ronaldo Edition" and "Icon Edition", will have the chance to play FIFA 18 Coin generator with 3 days in advance, or September 26 , While owners of an Xbox One console with EA Access subscription will have ten hours of gaming available as early as September 21

Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover!

The most sensational news was the FIFA 18 cover man who,  as shown at the end of the trailer, will in fact be Cristiano Ronaldo, a cool winner of the Champions League with Real Madrid shirt!

FIFA 18 : Legends become "Icons" and arrive on all platforms

After months of rumors there is another confirmation, albeit with some little news: in  FIFA 18 the legends of the past come, not only on Xbox, but also on Playstation 4 and PC. However, there is a change of denomination, probably related to issues of registered trademarks: they will no longer be called legends but ICONS. 

The first name to be revealed is that of Brazilian Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima , known simply as Ronaldo , former player of Milan, Inter and Barcelona.

Four new icons are announced on June 12:  Thierry Henry, Lev Yashin, Pelé and Diego Armando Maradona.

Other 12 FUT COINS were announced on August 1st, when a new feature was also unveiled, the "Icon Story" : each of these legends of football will be present in FUT in three different versions with different stats , Each of which represents a different period of their career

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